Resmaa uses a situation with NBA star Russel Westbrook to explain the importance of context in how BIPOC folks react to racism.

White Folks Laundering Culture

Tyler discusses the “whitening” of indigenous practices.

9 Year Old Detained

Resmma talks about the importance of white folks creating culture around the abolition of white body supremacy.

White People Noticing Their Own Whiteness

Tyler discusses realizing that he is a "white liberal".

Black Men in Hoodies

Resmaa explains why he has no time with white folks being "surprised".

Politicizing Black Parenting

Resmaa breaks down the deep origins of white supremacy and how it was perfected.

Teachers, Guns, Schools... Dangerous for BIPOC Children

Tyler talks about the fear he has for his own son going to school if teachers were allowed to carry guns.

Robin DiAngelo: White Fragility

Tyler discusses how racism is abuse and why white people just can't decide "I'm not going to be racist".