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#1 Chromatic Elephant Pilot [listen]

Resmaa and Tyler explain the mission behind Chromatic Elephant and why understanding the context of the impacts of racism is so important.


Since 1993


Chromatic Elephant Pilot [watch]

Resmaa uses a situation with NBA star Russel Westbrook to explain the importance of context in how BIPOC folks react to racism.

Since 1993


Resmaa Menakem & Tyler Reitzner

Chromatic Elephant is all about action and “putting in your reps”. Change comes from building a tolerance to being uncomfortable and acting on what it takes to heal. We believe that through authentic connection to self, community and culture we can do the work that it takes to heal and stop the brutality of white body supremacy.

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“Being woke”, “being inclusive”, “being diverse”, “being resilient”, “being informed”, “being competent” … None of this is BEING REAL and none of this gets any of us to a place of true healing and community. 

Racism and white supremacy negatively impact us all and in ways that are deeper than we might think.  Chromatic Elephant is about exploring the deep roots of white body supremacy and the context of how our historical, generational, communal and individual trauma’s have intersected to create the cycles of pain that we are dealing with today.  It is through this exploration that we find actual actions to take to grieve and heal as individuals and communities. 

The honest dialogue in this podcast can be raw, hard and very uncomfortable.  So lean into the discomfort and get ready as trauma experts Resmaa Menakem and Tyler Reitzner bring the racialized elephant in the room.

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